A Speakers Corner for Berlin

A sculpture out of 320 connected and interactive loudspeakers for people to express themselves.

The public, local artists, musicians, choral groups and organisations can participate via a number of ways:

  • calling two telephone number 0178 8382615 and 0178 838 2618 and expressing themselves for 3 minutes.
  • via Bluetooth and individual Smartphones people can relay songs and messages to the sculpture.
  • via direct „line in“ people can connect their devices and instruments directly to the sculpture. Or speak through a microphone.
  • via an “audio twitter” #speakersarena

Additionally the sculpture can be used as PA system for events , DJs, and small concerts.
















Photos: Frank Paul (12), Benoit Maubrey (2)

The new ARENA project is conceived in the shape of a small amphitheater so that the sculpture can be presented both as a “Speakers Corner” — a low-key
“hotspot” for local participation and self-expression („Audio Graffiti“) but also function as a stage for small events and concerts.
The sculpture is created from 4 modular elements that are fitted together as a single amphitheater or split up into different elements that
function as concert “boxes” with more sound volume.

From July 1st to November 2019.

Location: Pallasseum, Pallasstrasse 5 (near the corner of Potsdamerstrasse)
Financed from Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.
Produced by the Kulturpark 3000 e.V. / Gallery Zwitschermachine.

infos: zwitschermaschine-berlin.de
tel: 0178 4418783
mail: kulturpark3000@t-online.de

Making of:

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